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vehicle conversions - armaplate

Armaplate Sentinel van lock protection plates work by encasing the vulnerable lock barrel or handle and the surrounding area. The Armaplate systems is secured by threaded studs on the rear of the Armaplate that pass through the door skin, and through a second plate that is fitted inside the door to give maximum strength, and then secured with lock nuts. 

The Armaplate not only helps prevent forced entry by mindless thieves, but

can also reduce the need for costly body shop repairs after a break in, and

the need for the van being off the road for days. If the vehicle has been

damaged prior to fitting the Armaplate, the system can permanently repair

the damage offering a much more secure alternative to sending the van to

the body shop for a standard repair, only to get broken into again.

Allow us to install Armaplate to your vehicle conversion and deter vandals 

costing your business time and money.