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​​CCTV systems are becoming ever more popular and common place proving extremely useful at preventing anti-social behaviour and fraudulent claims. 

CCTV systems can help protect against:

- Traffic allegations (illegal parking, etc)
- Cash for crash / Staged & pre-meditated accidents
- False/Exaggerated whiplash claims
- Conflicting reports of actual events
- Lack of witnesses
- Driving offences (Reported bad driving etc)

- Damaged goods (Loaded / Unloaded correctly)

- Anti-Social behaviour

- Occupant safety (Driver / Passengers etc)

- Obscured vision

- Allow equipment operators in a vehicle to be aware of surrounding


Secure hard or portable drives can also be installed to record and

save valuable data.

CCTV equipped commercial UAV's have proven extremely popular and of great benefit to aerial survey companies, agricultural and emergency services over recent years. 

Fleet Tech Solutions are able to build bespoke mobile work spaces 

to enable live and recorded footage to be viewed and analysed on site.

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