VMAC's original VR70 is the most powerful, lightweight, engine mounted, belt driven compressor available. Our mobile compressed air system delivers immediate, on-demand compressed air. With the vehicle engine at operating temperature, press the button, and within seconds VMAC's original VR70 is ready to deliver up to 2.0m3/min, 70 cfm, 12 bar or 175 psi. Factory-set, built-in controls match the vehicle’s rpm to specific requirements to ensure smooth and economic operation, with reduced fuel consumption and noise level.

We stand by our products and as such offer a lifetime warranty* on our on board power compressed

air products. Is your current supplier as confident?

The simplified design has also improved access for servicing, decreasing downtime in the workshop,

increasing the time spent making you money.

Everything else you love about the VMAC VR70 air compressor system has remained the same –

capacity, weight, compact power, reliability, and performance in extreme conditions.

VMAC's original VR70 air compressor system leaves zero footprint on the vehicle body. The compressor is

engine mounted with oil separator and cooler chassis mounted.

High performance, under-chassis mounted, engine-driven air compressor systems. Designed for mobile tyre inflation, utilities and servicing applications


  • System Weight

73kg, 162.2lb

  • Engagement

Electromagnetic clutch

  • Oil Capacity


  • Oil Separator

BSEN 286 pt1

  • Oil Carryover


  • Filters


  • System Operating Management

Electronic control system

  • Protection

Over pressure and over temperature shut off, automatic travel dis-engagement and blow down

  • Health & Safety

Remote start/stop facility
Operating temperature
-48oC - +40oC 


  • 100% Duty Cycle

VMAC's original VR70 runs 100% duty cycle while in use, providing continuous operations and getting jobs done faster with less fuel consumption.    

  • Up to 70CFM, 175PSI

VMAC's original VR70 system handles all of your compressed air needs, easily running air tools such as: an impact wrench, grinder,an air gun/wand, and etc.

  • Zero Footprint on the Vehicle Body

The UNDERBONNET is integrated with your truck’s engine, eliminating the need for a second engine and leaving the hitch free for other key equipment. It also frees up a valuable space in your cargo for transporting additional tools and equipment.    

  • Air on Demand 

The compressor’s built in throttle control adjusts engine speed automatically to match air demand, producing as much air as the tool is drawing.

  • Aluminum Components 

The UNDERBONNET is made from aluminum components, which are light-weight and durable, increasing peak performance while keeping weight as low as possible.

* Warranty terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for further information.

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