​Fleet Tech Solutions - Environmental statement




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Fleet Tech Solutions is committed to safeguarding and improving the public health

and the environment of the communities in which it operates and serve in the UK.

Safeguarding the environment is an integral and fundamental element of our business

strategy. We will adopt environmentally responsible policies and practices throughout

all our operations. We are committed to the development and use of products, processes

and services which reduce environmental damage and waste, and which optimise the

resources. Our aim is to achieve continuous improvement management. We recognise

our obligation to inform all our staff and partners of our policies, practices and performance

in environmental matters

  • It is the express policy of Fleet Tech Solutions to develop, design and operate facilities and networks, and to conduct activities taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials, the sustainable use of renewable resources and the minimisation of adverse environmental imports
  • To search for employment and promote the use of low-polluting technologies and processes whenever reasonably practical, and to adopt environmentally sound waste management practices, including source reduction, re-use, recycling and safe disposal 
  • To meet all relevant national and local statutory obligations, working closely and constructively with regulating agencies, community interest groups and other institutions concerned with environmental issues
  • To monitor environmental performance and periodically to provide appropriate information to customers, employees, shareholders and the community at large
  • To advise and inform customers, distributors, partners and the community at large about environmental issues associated with our products and services
  • To recognise our obligations to protect the natural environment
  • To include a demonstrable commitment to the principles of this policy as a significant factor in the selection process for business partners and suppliers of goods and services
  • To promote environmental awareness among our staff through specific training and initiatives