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vehicle conversions - KeyOut / runlock

A KeyOut / RunLock unit is designed so that a vehicle can be left with the engine running to power radios, lights and other ancillary devices whilst the key is removed from the ignition switch. 

The system is ideal for use on vehicles with a ‘conventional’ electro-mechanical

ignition switches where the ‘live’ input connection can be shorted to the output

terminal, via a relay contact, such that the vehicle ignition remains ‘on’ when

the key is in the ‘off’ position or completely removed.


With the engine running, the vehicle is stationary and the handbrake applied; the

run lock switch is pressed, activating the run lock. This provides power to the

main ignition and to two ancillary outputs allowing the ignition key to be turned

off and the key removed.

The vehicle cannot be driven off, because as soon as the handbrake is removed

or the brake pedal is depressed, the run lock is disabled and the engine will stop.