There are many advantages to satellite navigation systems, some of which are listed below. We can offer a number of solutions that can be built into your vehicle conversion. Including accessories such as a sat nav in your vehicle conversions means it does not detract from your budget but added to capital expenditure.

                      Traffic and re-routing

The traffic function is a great feature that enables the sat nav to re-route your journey should

there be a traffic jam or an accident on your route. The sat nav receives traffic updates

continuously as you drive and will update your route in seconds to avoid heavy traffic.

This saves you wasting time and fuel when stuck in traffic jams and gets you to your

destination faster.

                      Safety Cameras

With this function a sat nav will alert you in advance to any fixed safety cameras/accident

black spots on your route. This gives you greater awareness of the actual speed limit,

prevent accidents, avoid your staff getting speeding fines, which in turn prevent insurance

premium increases. 

                      Points of interest

Systems can also alerts you to local services such as:

- petrol stations
- parking
- atm's
- hospitals
- restaurants
- hotels


Satellite navigation systems can also include a hands free function for Bluetooth on mobile phones. This is a legal, safer and easier way to make and receive calls while you drive. Remember, employees caught using a mobile phone whilst driving without the use of a hands free device can result in 3 points on their driving licence and anything from a £60 up to £1000 fine. (Source - DfT 2008)

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