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Fleet Tech Solutions offer utility vehicle conversions to many local and national utility companies. We pride ourselves in offering a tailor made utility vehicle conversion solutions to suit individual requirements. Electric, water, gas, drainage and high pressure jetting conversions we have a utility vehicle conversion for you.

On Board Power

These vehicles can be equipped with “on board power” facilities both electrical

and compressed air. Our technicians are highly praised for working with

specialist equipment suppliers to give the optimum operational solutions and


We work with you considering the gross vehicle weight, payload and your

requirements to offer a solution that is right for your business. Why compromise

when you can have a bespoke conversion to suit exactly what you do.

Drainage, Jetting & CCTV Vehicles

Offering a wide range of on board power solutions, we have seen a significant

increase in customers wanting integrated power generation solutions rather

than hydrocarbon driven portable units. Apart from the reduced fire hazard

and Health and Safety risks, operational noise constraints can also be a

major problem when working in noise sensitive locations. These are easily

overcome with our on board power generation solutions.

Offering custom work space areas with CCTV recording and full colour

monitors, you can be assured of total visibility. Camera's are also fitted in

the rear work area so the CCTV operator can have constant visibility to the

rear of the vehicle and drain access point.

Hardware can be either installed in specialist racks (adding to vehicle

weight) or integrated into the vehicle conversion with consideration given

and ensuring easy access should any of the units need to be removed.

Installed TX / RX equipment also allows easy communication between CCTV operator and equipment handler.

We are happy to work with your current specialist equipment supplier to ensure you have the very best utility vehicle conversion solution.

specialist vehicle conversions - utility / Drainage / jetting vehicles